10 dating lessons from sex and the city

Below are the 10 most essential dating lessons from "Sex and the City."This was perhaps the most important lesson that "Sex and the City" bestowed upon the world, particularly where women were concerned.

Needless to say, there is a reason so many of us keep watching the re-runs.

characters Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte navigate the New York dating pool, especially now that I am living here.

There are so many advances with dating that the show never covered before it ended, like texting and online dating.

While not every scenario was something we could relate too or want to involve ourselves in, we have to remember this was a show being broadcast on HBO, and they needed to attract attention – thus sex (and lots of it) for ratings.

The underlying message though is something not to miss. While it can feel like an emotional roller coaster of ecstasy at the beginning of the relationship that you never want to take a break from because it feels surreal, slow down.

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