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In our work with wells and water, we have learned it’s not enough to provide the materials but we must also educate on the use and care of the wells.We are committed to regular inspection and repair of the wells in which we have partnered to ensure their mechanisms are in proper working order.Niger is consistently ranked among the top two poorest nations in the world.Due to recurring famines and a lack of nutritional education as it relates to childhood development, it is probable that the adult Nigerien population lacks the ability to succeed educationally in comparison to populations that have received adequate nutrition during their formative years.War, AIDS, malaria, cholera and famine have gradually turned Africa into a land full of orphaned children and teenagers. In a nation with a population of 15,000,000, that figure is staggering.Experts agree education is key to unlocking potential and changing destinies.On November 20, the title song "Voodoo Doll" was released with the album release following shortly after on November 25.

From July to September, VIXX held their first VIXX Live Fantasia tour Hex Sign visiting Japan and several countries in Europe.

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In 1882 begon de familie Bertazzoni onder eigen naam fornuizen te produceren.

De thuisbasis Guastalla lag aan de spoorlijn die Italië met Duitsland verbond.

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De specialisatie in kookapparatuur en de sterke culinaire achtergrond resulteren in kwalitatief hoogstaande fornuizen, ovens en kookplaten met tijdloos design en verfijnde afwerking.

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