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Convertible Preference Shares: Convertible preference shares are those shares, which can be converted into equity shares on or after the specified date according to terms mentioned in the prospectus.

Non-Convertible Preference Shares: Non-convertible preference shares, which cannot be converted into equity shares.

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Equity shares: According to section 85 (2), of Companies Act, 1956, Equity share can be defined as the share, which is not preference shares.Types of preference shares: In addition to the aforesaid two rights, a preference shares may carry some other rights.On the basis of additional rights, preference shares can be classified as follows: Cumulative Preference Shares: Cumulative preference shares are those shares on which the amount of divided if not paid in any year, due to loss or inadequate profits, then such unpaid divided will accumulate and will be paid in the subsequent years before any divided is paid to the equity share holders.Non-Participating Preference Shares: Non-participation preference shares are those shares, which do not have the following rights:(a) To receive dividend, out of surplus profit left after paying the dividend to equity shareholders.(b) To have share in surplus assets, which remains after the entire capital has been paid on winding up of the company.Preference shares are always deemed to be non-participating, if the Article of the company is silent.

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