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Bush might have said you're either with us or against us, but here on planet Earth its not as black and white.

This is what surprises me about western power's will to invade Afghanistan - its been done many times and always ends in defeat.

" My only guess is that the powers at be thought this would be different than what happenned to the Russians because the Taliban was a brutal regime and there was a tremendous amount of support within AF (ie. Unfortunately we underestimated the importance Pakistan and the ISI placed on the Kashmir region and it's quarrel with India.

We should've known that when we weren't given the ability to operate out of Pakistan in addtion to the "save haven" in the western tribal zone that we could not be successful. Thus Socom's comment "That power should clean up this mess." Give me a E... In the great sweep of history Balfour may come off worse than Hitler.

The only way to know..if you stepped foot on those yellow foot prints like I did...once again I dont think you did sir,....

The marine corps dates history back to when america was just starting to breathe.

Just because you think you are right it doesnt mean you are right. Similarly just because you say someone is wrong that doesnt mean they are, it's just your opinion.

We really do have some intelligent people making irresponsible decisions at the highest levels. Read the book "DESCENT INTO CHAOS" and many others. The US has (for years) given money, support, military hardware and other good to the Paki's. America then feted their Taliban decendents hoping they would allow UNOCAL into the country to give them access to central asian gas and oil. The CIA directly armed and trained the Afghan mudjeheddin to fight the Soviets, Bin Laden himself included. Thus Socom's comment "That power should clean up this mess." Give me a E... In the great sweep of history Balfour may come off worse than Hitler.Their policy has been to plan for what happens after that defeat.If that's "looking both ways" as David Cameron put it then it seems sensible enough from their perspective.If true, that could help explain recent crashes of NATO and U. helicopters in Afghanistan and could have a significant effect on ground operations.The documents posted by Wiki Leaks reportedly cover the period from January 2004 to December 2009, shortly before Obama announced a strategy of focusing on Al Qaeda and Taliban havens in the semiautonomous region of Pakistan along the Afghan border. and its allies have scored several significant blows against the insurgency since then.

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