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Before Otto agreed to this, however, he extracted the “Ottonian privilege” from the papacy, which was essentially an oath stating that a new pope could never be elected without he or his son’s permission [32].This was a natural consequence of Otto’s interference in German episcopal elections.Despite the suicidal implications for his empire, his successors followed the old Frankish custom of dividing their lands up among their heirs; the Treaty of Verdun in 843 delineated what realms would be ruled by whom.The so-called “Middle Kingdom” of Lothair was picked apart by its larger rivals to the east and west, and soon there appeared an “East Frankish” and a “West Frankish” ruler.

By the late 9th century, the Carolingian Empire that Charlemagne had forged was in desperate straits.

It's been awhile since I posted on this series, so now is about as good a time as any to do some catch-up!

This week we will look at how the institution of Christian monarchy was changed by the German Ottonian dynasty.

As long as able and faithful bishops were appointed (and under Charlemagne and Otto, most appointments were wise ones), there was little cause for complaint [31].

Under Otto, the Church felt itself to be regaining its dignity and authority Otto’s innovation was not in that he meddled in episcopal appointments, which as has been demonstrated, was nothing new.

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