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His efforts to blend into a Catholic household failed miserably at least once, when the parish priest visiting the family posed questions to him one-on-one about the catechism: "You aren't one of us", he said.

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Young Professional Award: Joint winners Annie Martyn, Turnaround Execution Coordinator with Viva Energy Australia, for her efforts creating a process to develop scope for a major refinery turnaround in 2015.

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Vielen meiner Kunden wurden in der Kindheit die Flügel der Kreativität und ihrer Visionen gestutzt und sie konnten sich nicht mehr vorstellen, dass ihre Kindheitsträume einmal wahr werden könnten.

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Sue Grafton, the mystery writer who penned best-selling novels with alphabet-based titles, starting with "A Is for Alibi" and ending with "Y Is for Yesterday," died December 28 after a bout with cancer, her daughter, Jamie Clark, said in a social media post. More than 50 years after her star turn in "The Sound of Music," actress Heather Menzies Urich died of brain cancer on December 24. Menzies Urich played Louisa von Trapp in the classic 1965 movie. Longtime gossip columnist Liz Smith, who started her column at the New York Daily News in 1976, died on November 12, according to the newspaper. Known affectionately as the "the Grand Dame of Dish," Smith's legendary work included a chronicle of Donald and Ivana Trump's divorce, which made front-page news. This became an iconic photograph that helped cement Tittle's name in football history.

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Online dating platforms to connect like-minded people to find a new friend, date, partner or casual contact. Online dating is what you make out of it – just like in real life when you go out with friends to a bar to meet new people.