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If you attempt to ask a body for its position, it will return the position at the end of the last physics tick.That's useful for many things, but for rendering you will want some interpolation.Bullet provides a default motionstate that you can use for this.Simply construct it with the default transform of your body: The constructor has default parameters that are the identity.This is useful if you want an object in your simulation, but not actively visible, or if your application archictecture calls for delayed creation of visible objects.If you are using kinematic bodies, then get World Transform is called every simulation step.If you do not need the rotational response the Dynamic type can save the extra computation.

It communicates movement of your object to bullet so it can detect collisions with it.You can do that in the Bullet constructor, in your example.You can add methods to the physics objects like you would do with any other object in OOP.There are multiple other benefits of Motion States: Bullet knows how to interpolate body movement for you.As mentioned, implementation of interpolation is handled through Motion States.

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