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Too many live albums are about the stuff that didn’t actually get captured on tape: the ritual, the lights, the t-shirt, the bog roll, the bar tab.Please Leave Quietly is about music, sufficient unto itself.Tickets are now on sale for an August 31 date at the Olympia Due to the incredible demand of her post-Oxegen solo show, PJ Harvey has confirmed an extra Olympia date on August 31.Limited tickets are still available for September 1 at the Olympia and September 2 at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast."The one rock star that makes me know I’m shit is Polly Harvey.I’m nothing next to the purity that she experiences.” — Courtney Love. Cobain may not hold much credence for most people, but when it comes to describing Polly Jean Harvey she’s right on the money.An interesting thread that runs through the album finds songs like "Leaving California", "April", and "The Soldier" sounding as if they belong to the bleak yet compelling world of Harvey's 2007 release White Chalk.

On Harvey's solo albums, one gets the sense that even if she gets input from any number of others, the results always reflect her distinct visions made manifest.But that mood is not meant to last: "Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen", the album's second track, heralds a slow descent into more challenging waters with Harvey counting backwards like some twisted inversion of Leslie Feist.And like the majority of Harvey's experimentally oriented work, the nine tracks following "Black Hearted Love" contain equal quantities of inspiration and self-indulgence. and Canada after starting the year with a leg of shows in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.This year's nomination marks Harvey's seventh dating back to 1996.

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It's a clever observation, to be sure, but one that misses the target entirely -- neither of those adjectives apply to anything heard within.

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