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In an industry where fashion is always being scrutinized, she has managed to hold her own.

After all, as she says, “ with regards to her fluctuating weight and while it did bother her in her earlier years, she has long since come to love her curves!

I decided to stick to what I like though there was a time when I wasn't wearing anything I liked and people didn't seem to like it either.

Now I am enjoying what I wear as I feel good about it.” Balan is slowly making cultural dresses fashionable once more, wearing what she is comfortable in and what she enjoys and is proud of it!

You might catch someone in a sari or anarkali once in a blue moon, but mainly actresses nowadays don dresses of the west. She has never cared about what is “in style”, especially since nowadays it is sadly considered old-fashioned to wear cultural dresses in Bollywood for the most part.

Honestly, I don't remember too many actresses wearing the sari for a long time before I came on the scene which is why it stuck in people's head.

Balan rightly said, “When things are meant to happen, they just do. We keep looking for things in life, whether it’s love or success, but when you’re least expecting it, your dreams walk in and embrace you.

Plus she has continued to have a strong career after marriage.This is a great stance for her to take, especially as an actress, because it shows those of us who have been struggling with weight and body image that you don’t have to change who you are or fit into what is socially desired in order to feel beautiful and confident about yourself. Her versatile acting talent There are no shortage of films here to choose from when looking for Balan’s versatility and strength as an actress.From a pregnant woman searching for her missing husband in After facing initial struggles in her early years as an actress, Balan has since stopped pretending to be someone she wasn’t.She embraces and displays her own style and has a lot of patience for those who make remarks about her looks and choices.And her acting prowess has made her impossible to ignore, therefore quickly silencing her fashion critics.

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It is a feminine garment, it embraces your strengths and weaknesses and that is fascinating.

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